The Sunset Paradise Room is one of the latest additions to our intimate boutique hotel, similar to our Universe Room but with a different theme and finish. For this room the magical colors of the Gili Air sunsets have influenced our paintings and decorations to give you an inspiring experience with a luxurious feel. The private bathroom is designed in a contrast theme – built with granite, mosaic and natural stones to give you a unique shower experience. A modern and charming room built with eye for detail and comfort. Our Sunset Paradise Room is perfect for anyone looking to unwind and recharge while feeling inspired and dreaming about the future.

All our rooms are designed to give you the perfect mix between modern luxury and the beautiful Gili Air authenticity. Everything from doors to bed frames are handmade by local woodworkers, which gives the rooms a natural dreamlike feeling. The rooms have all the modern elements to make sure you feel comfortable with amenities like A/C, high-speed Internet, bathroom with hot and cold water and a comfortable queen size bed to make sure you wake up totally refreshed and ready to experience another day in our little paradise.

Welcome to the Wake & Baked Family!



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