Why are we here?

The year was 2015 when we, Aron and Filip, set foot on Gili Air for the very first time. We had no clue whatsoever that our lives were about to take a drastic and unexpected turn. You see, we were just like you – our plan was to visit the paradise island for a few days and relax before going back to our everyday life. But there was something so magical about this island – we didn’t ever want to leave, so what did we do? We started dreaming.

Two guys and a big dream

It felt like we had found the key to this life and knew exactly what we wanted to do with it. Our dream was to show this feeling to the world, to open up our own place where people like you could come and find the same inner peace that we found. A place for anyone in need of an escape from the craziness, a place where there is enough time and peace to unwind and recharge.

To be honest, we had no clue what we were getting ourselves into as we signed the contract for the land, just two guys and a big dream. With nothing more than $300 in our pockets we knew we had to work harder than ever before to make this dream come to life.

The three following years were insane to say the least – working day and night, sleeping on floors and constantly going back and forth between Indonesia and Sweden to someday finally be able to open up our little escape to the world.

No good things come easy

Hotel trees swimming pool Gili Air

We were just about to hang up the last mirror on the wall and start filling the pool with water, that’s it – only a few days left until our grand opening, the day we have been working so hard to finally reach. 1273 days to be precise. Then the news reached us in Sweden – on the 5th of August 2018 a 7.0 earthquake had hit Lombok and the Gili Islands. Can you imagine the horror we felt? Not only having our dream in mind, but also thinking about all the people on the island, our beloved friends who now had gotten their homes ruined. It was like our hearts froze, like waking up to our worst possible nightmare. The little money we had left in our pocket we sent down to help the local people but we had lost our business and everything we’d been working for.

For one and a half year we couldn’t come back to our little paradise island, we got stuck with our jobs in Sweden to be able to renovate the damages and continue our dream. Honestly speaking, there were times when we strongly considered raising the white flag, but after coming this far we were not ready to give up – not now and not in a lifetime.

Finally home

The struggle continued and after finally finishing off all years of working, trust us when we say this: we couldn’t be more proud and relieved to finally welcome you to our escape.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy your stay with us and thank you for being a part of our dream.

/ Aron and Filip with our lovely staff

team waked and baked gili air